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Welcome to Health & Happiness, a web magazine that makes you happy! We know how it is important today to prevent diseases and to be aware of key information to keep control on the most important parts of our life. This site is dedicated to your health and your well-being. You will find many resources to support your self-development. We invite you to discover the sections of the website: Health, Happiness, Lifestyle and our collection of free bestseller eBooks and beautiful slideshows. Find online resources how to be happy in life & how to find happiness!


Health TipsHomeopathy and Naturopathy against Influenza: 5 Tips

Dr. Menninger, founder of the famous Menninger Clinic, United States, said it was important to exhau [ ... ]

Alternative MedicineChronobiology: Put your life at time

Instead of racing against the clock, learn how to synchronize you with time. There is indeed a time  [ ... ]

Health & Diseases InformationYour Health News!

Good Eyes from Omega-3 Two new studies show that foods rich in vitamin D and omega-3 such as fish a [ ... ]


Happiness TipsPalmistry: Which Hand Needs to Be Considered?

Many people wonder what hand needs to be considered when it comes to palmistry. For sure, a study of [ ... ]

Success FactorsYou Can Become Anything You Want

Where you are today is the result of every choice and every action you did in your life. Oscar Wild [ ... ]

Human RelationsHow to Help Others Get Out of a Negative Emotional Cycle

When we are involved in a relational situation that arouses the negative emotions of others, our own [ ... ]


Balanced LifestyleThe Art of Living the Present Moment

It may seem easier to live in the moment. But is this really true? Ultra-fast society in which we li [ ... ]

Efficiency & Time ManagementEfficiency Secret: Know the Difference between Urgent and Important Activities

The Urgent and the Important There is little to say about these activities, except that they are a  [ ... ]

Family & ParenthoodThe art of being a modern grandparent

In the twenty-first century, we must go beyond mere openness. We must embrace diversity and welcome  [ ... ]


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