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Reiki, a secret to discover E-mail
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Written by Anna Selner   

To the East, dysfunctions or diseases are caused by an imbalance of energy exchange between the various parts of the body. Reiki is among the traditional treatments of Japan, including universal wisdom, spiritual awareness and vital energy. A method of relaxation of energy by laying of hands, which acts on the most sensitive parts to restore the harmony of the subtle bodies.

There are many versions of legends, history of Reiki and its founder, Mikao Usui, a doctor of literature and Buddhist monk of the early 20th century. But very few people are still alive who could authenticate them.

It is said, inter alia, Usui, after years of travel, study and meditation, one day went fast and meditate on the sacred Mount Kuruma Yama, near Kyoto. At the end of this mystical experience of 21 days, Usui lived a satori (enlightenment). Upon his return, he experienced the Usui Te-ate – manual healing method through touch – perfected, and opened a clinic and a school.

In 1922, he created the so called the Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai organization of the method of natural healing by reiki, to protect the original roots of his teaching. Mikao Usui Sensei trained 16 teachers on reiki. He died in 1926. In Japan, there has never been a "grand master" of the Usui lineage. As we know it today in the West, Reiki is diluted and remains a small fragment of the real system, a very simplified form, the margins of tradition.

The energy path

Reiki seeks to restore balance to the movement of ki (vital energy), so that the body is then able to draw itself to recover, regain the smooth movement of vital energy. It relieves pain, throbbing and chronic stress. It also stimulates the body's natural defenses and improves the overall strength of the body. The practice of Reiki may be beneficial for both the donor and the recipient, and both can take together the path of meditation.

A human relationship

In Eastern thought, the human being is composed of three fundamental aspects: physical, mental and emotional. Therefore, the donor seeks to charge the receiver in its entirety. Trust, compassion and mutual respect are essential to establish and successfully complete a treatment.

When you're lying on a mattress, dressed in loose clothing, hands danced to the donor over the eyes, ears, forehead, palms, abdomen ... following the path of the meridians and energy centers. Treatment, for about an hour, is a very pleasant time and a deep relaxation. You feel warmth or a feeling of cold on the area that is blocked, the signifying need for energy input is much more important. When untied and released, the body then resumes calm and deep breathing, and calms the mind. Reiki is an excellent preventive and curative therapy.

Reiki initiations and certifications

In recent years, the number of schools and teachers are increasing, so how to choose a good teacher? Listen around you. Always stay independent of your decisions. There are several questions: the duration of the course content, the number of participants, the lineage of the teacher, price, etc.

For each degree, training for a period of 15 hours held over two days and the number of students does not exceed 10. Between different levels, a minimum period of six   months of practice and assimilation are favorable. Costs vary widely: between $150 and $200 for the first degree, accordingly with trainers.

Shoden (1st degree)

History of reiki, healing principles, meditation attention and specific meditations to practice physical therapy, basic sitting and lying.

Okuden Zenki (2nd degree, 1st part)

Deepening the first level, discovery of the symbols and mantras.

Okuden koki (2nd degree, part 2)

Reading Method sensations to locate energy blockages.

Shinpiden (3rd degree)

Teacher level over several months.

Reiki's five principles of life

"A healthy body leads to a healthy mind," said Sensei Mikao Usui. In this capacity he passed students Gokai or five major principles of life, "the spiritual medicine for all diseases, the secret to invite happiness."

1. Just for today you do shall not be angry.

2. Just for today you do not worry.

3. Just for today you will be grateful.

4. Just for today you will do your work honestly.

5. Just for today you will show love and respect for all living things.

Morning and evening you will sit in Gassho position. Repeat these words loud out and in your heart. Maintain your body and your mind.

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To the East, dysfunctions or diseases are caused by an imbalance of energy exchange between the various parts of the body. Reiki is among the traditional treatments of Japan, including universal wisdom,...


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