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How to be Happy? - Self-Development

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Here is a collection of key phrases to help you remember how to work every day to improve your life and realize your dreams. Print out this little collection and display it prominently to remind you to read them (on your fridge, bulletin board,...
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Great minds are given broad objectives. Others make only wishes. Washington Irving Martin was a young boy who had a passion, for a long time, for insects. A few days earlier, he found the cocoon of a butterfly, and kept it to see it blossom....
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Continuous effort - far more than strength or intelligence - is the key that unlocks our potential. Winston Churchill Have you heard of the famous Alcatraz prison on an island of the same name in California? After harboring dangerous...
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Once upon a time in Japan, there lived a servant who served his master every day with precision and affection. One day, while serving the meal, he dropped a few crumbs of food on the lord who was invited to the table with his master. He apologized...
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You stand to win if you clearly specify your long-term vision and goals. And to accomplish what you undertake, first identify what the impact will be of your actions, your decisions on your future goals in your life. This strategy is very useful to...
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Did you know that the only place where success comes before work is in the dictionary? In our consumer society, though, it seems that advertising and media such as television have generalized the idea of the American dream. If we define the American...
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The person who prepares to go anywhere, usually achieves. Dale Carnegie It is very interesting to use powerful images that are easy to remember. Therefore I suggest you do a little experiment with me. Imagine you are in training or in conference...
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Think your job and your income. To apply the principle of 80/20, you should concentrate on improving your work (tasks, relationships, responsibility, entrepreneurial initiatives, etc) in such a way that you improve your wages, and eventually free up...
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Here are some strategies to help you unleash your efficiency by doubling your productivity in your work and other activities. 1. Develop a sense of urgency. If you do not decide that your success is important, you do not devote enough effort to...
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Did you know that all the power to improve your life lies in your hands, and only your hands? Why do not you use it more then? Perhaps because human beings have the tendency to forget that they are ultimately responsible for their own lives? It is...
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