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How to be Happy? - Self-Development

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Is it Good to Read Books of Pop Psychology? Some popular psychology books sell us simple solutions to solve problems. Especially by providing magic recipes and easy-to-follow steps that tell to do “just this” and “just that” for you to end...
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Use the Hakomi method to realize the potential in you; it helps you connect with people around you and escape old responses and ingrained habits to transform and create new opportunities in your life. It also helps you open up to others in a...
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Acquiring new knowledge is essential for success. Imagine, for example, the benefits to be derived from reading a book a week. This represents more than 50 pounds per year, or nearly 500 books in 10 years. In addition to reading, there is a whole...
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In life, when people hurt us, or at least when we think they do, we tend to react as if we are victims. Our guilt and our hatred for ourselves translate into deeply-repressed emotions. Through his book, Radical Forgiveness: A Revolutionary...
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Are you equipped to succeed? People who are successful have certain qualities that propel them to greater heights. Nowadays, literature abounds with texts written by people from all backgrounds who describe their infallible recipes for success,...
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For millennia, happiness has been the quest of humanity. And a revolution has been brewing in psychology laboratories worldwide. Happiness, studied scientifically, can bring new results to counter depression, and to experience joy in a sustainable...
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Would you like to take a trip inside yourself? The Hakomi Method allows for a gentle incursion into the unconscious. With the help of a therapist who creates an atmosphere of security and "benevolent presence”, you can discover images, emotions or...
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At different times in our lives, we are faced with crises and suffering. How can we cope with trials with serenity? How can we find a sustainable direction for our existence through our actions and our values? The answers to these questions can be...
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Since the times of Buddha and Cicero, spiritual teachers and philosophers have continued to celebrate gratitude. Today, psychological research confirms it: gratitude makes you happy and improves your health. Discover what it can do for you! Speak...
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Haven’t we all dealt with a flushed face, a clenched jaw and piercing eyes, ready to pounce on anything that moves? Signs of anger in somebody, aren’t they? Sometimes, though, it’s surprising when that “somebody” is our own self! It’s...
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