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Some 20 million Brits are risking avoidable sight loss because they do not take regular eye tests, according to charity the Eyecare Trust. Despite medical wisdom advising that everybody takes an eye exam at least once every two years, and once a...
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Here is an article to debunk the myths around disc hernias. The term hernia simply means the release of a substance or body cavity, and through the term that follows the word, the area affected is designated; for example, inguinal hernia, umbilical...
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People often regard muscles as being superficial and aesthetic, like the biceps, pectoral muscles, and let’s not forget the all-important butt! But people, in doing so, ignore the more important muscles of our body such as the iliopsoas. The psoas...
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It is wrong to claim that exercises can cure all cases of tendonitis, sprains, or any injury whatsoever, because despite the same diagnoses that occur every day, the cause of physical pain is always different from one individual to another; each...
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Osteopathy is an increasingly popular approach for chronic pain. Osteopathy aims to restore homeostasis; that is to say, the balance of the human body using manual techniques. It differs from other therapies through its global vision of the...
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Have you ever questioned what you know about science? Have you ever thought that perhaps scientists can’t explain everything about our world and the way it works?  A new book encourages you to question what you think you know about the world we...
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Do you know Ayurveda? This therapeutic traditional Hindu system, which originated in India, can be helpful in addressing various health problems, for the prevention or simply for greater vitality. Through evaluation of your constitution, Ayurveda...
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Pollution, hormone residues in food and water, stress, birth control pills, chemicals present in cosmetics and body products, lack of exercise, are few of the factors to, have an impact on the fragile balance female hormone. This is in addition to...
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Eight out of ten people consider themselves far too stressed! Are you in this number? Too much stress or just enough stress? Enough is when a person feels ill by the exigencies of life, which appear to exceed its ability to respond or adapt. The...
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Dr. Menninger, founder of the famous Menninger Clinic, United States, said it was important to exhaust all the resources of homeopathy before resorting to drugs. In terms of prevention, treatment of substance by a homeopathic professional or a...
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