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Cancer leaves a lasting mark on an individual, even for those who live with the promise of survival. The unfortunate reality is rooted in coping with the thought of it returning, which often causes depression and anxiety. This inspired Amy Ohm to...
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Why, under the same conditions, the viruses attack certain people and not others? Because it depends on the state of their defense mechanisms. Our body is naturally reinforced against attack. Foreign substances and infectious agents (viruses, fungi,...
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Daily Intake of Garlic Mediterranean people love it. Good for them! If garlic is sovereign to fight against the symptoms of colds, it is especially so in prevention. Allicin, one of its compounds, is excellent for stimulating the immune system and...
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We could list dozens as everyone has a little trick, and their own strategy to combat stress. Here are a few of them. Perspective. An event, an unexpected situation arises and you stressed? Take a step back. Is it really that scary? Try to stay...
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You're struck by a diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis, your life falls apart. Do these diseases really condemn you to pain and impotence? Not at all! It is certainly not acceptable that we affix them with the label of "incurable". Thanks to...
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To put an end to the daily troubles, you can start by treating your digestion. Here are several tips to get rid of allergies, fungal infections, colitis, tendinitis, bloating, constipation and many other problems can sometimes seem unrelated to the...
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Prevention and early detection are the main keys to health. Yet, listening to body signals often begins when illness strikes. Health professionals rarely hear "Since this morning ..." Typically, symptoms of concern are not new; they are neglected...
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Although they are natural, the use of these products is not always totally safe. Indeed, some natural products are incompatible with each other or with other drugs. We have designed this little guide where popular natural products are listed with...
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It is not always possible to combine sun and healthy skin, but it's still possible. We must remember that the pleasure of tanning is associated with risk of melanoma (skin cancer) and, therefore, must be done under moderate and integral protection....
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Do you feel yourself gasping for breath, when you're bathed in the foul air of the office? You feel suffocated in traffic congestion. Go, get a breath full of fresh air! Source of energy and purification, oxygen is your fuel. Take a deep breath....
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