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Under the pretext that they can ease the life transition called “menopause”, pharmaceutical companies market many menopausal estrogen and combined hormone pills. However, in the normal life of a woman it is considered as a disease. The...
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If you are facing a major problem of snoring, then the first step is to identify the cause to find the appropriate treatment. It is recommended that you consult an ear, nose and throat specialist or a sleep specialist who will go over the situation...
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What diseases are associated with disorders of the digestive system? The list is so long that it would be easier for you to not to answer at all! The most common are headaches, fatigue, back pain, gastric reflux, constipation alternating with...
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People you suffer from stomach ulcers say it is “a nightmare". Despite the daily use of antacid drugs or inhibitors of proton pump (Losec, Pantoloc, Prevacid, Nexium, etc.), a burning sensation, pain in pit of stomach, belching, bloating or...
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Hunt Down Stress and Insomnia Naturally Lack of sleep can lead to a lack of attention and activity, and functional intellectual slowness, irritability, emotionality and stress. If the cause of this is not found in food, including abuse of...
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Over the year, changed schedule, chills, fatigue, junk food, poor digestion and stress are inevitable. It need not be so. Autumn is a season of harvest and, there are plenty of safe ways to preserve your mental and physical wellbeing. A healthy...
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Menopause occurs in women at the age of around 50 years, this transitional phase can be pleasing, relatively serene or turbulent. To cross this obligatory step gently, and avoid much discomfort, here’s what you need to do to restore the hormonal...
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The iridologists, thanks to their perseverance and their capacity for observation, made an extraordinary discovery that has broadened the scope of this diagnostic method. Today, iridology continues to surprise us. Let’s discover it! What is...
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Since time immemorial, the human have been dreaming of immortality. Unfortunately, the cycle of nature continues its work inexorably. Instead of proposing a new kind of fountain of youth, Dr. Andrew Weil teaches us to how to age with health and...
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Rolfing® in Brief Rolfing is suitable for people of any age from professional athletes to recreational entertainer! It is not only for elite athletes or for professionals of arts and people in full process of personal growth but for everybody who...
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