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Dr. Menninger, founder of the famous Menninger Clinic, United States, said it was important to exhaust all the resources of homeopathy before resorting to drugs. In terms of prevention, treatment of substance by a homeopathic professional or a...
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Reiki, a practice that has its origins in Tibet, will restore your body's energies to make it possible to cure a disease, illness or a feeling of being ill. Everything rests in the energy transmitted through contact with the practitioner, through...
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Conceiving a child and welcome him into your being, in your heart, life is a magnificent act. It is a form of initiation that can be very demanding, because you cannot have a child without accepting that it transforms us deeply. It is wonderful,...
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Living with fibromyalgia means daily having to face with an excruciating pain throughout the body in the morning and evening. Some natural products and a method developed some years ago give hope to those suffering in silence. Fibromyalgia is...
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Susan Jeske, a former beauty queen turned activist, is trying to communicate to the Americans the disturbing truth about the harmful effect that certain products can cause health on health. The former winner has worked for over 20 years in the...
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This year there is no question of you being caught up in colds and flu! Follow our tips and save yourself their inconvenience. However, in order to do this, you must react at the first symptoms. Flu A viral epidemic disease, influenza...
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Good Eyes from Omega-3 Two new studies show that foods rich in vitamin D and omega-3 such as fish aid the health of the eyes. U.S. researchers have observed a reduced risk of age-related macular degeneration (AMD) in subjects who consumed more...
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Kinesiology, physical therapy, applied kinesiology – each has a common prefix, but how much difference exists for each of these disciplines! Even if movement (kinesi in Greek) unites them, beware of assimilation, as these disciplines have their...
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Americans are Eating Better, But... The most recent report on American eating habits shows that they eat more vegetables and fruits than before, but sweets and snack foods still occupy much space in their diets. Thus, only 50% of the population...
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Who has not experienced a feeling of great happiness when exposed to natural light, to bright sunlight? Don’t you feel invigorated, refreshed, rested? And wouldn’t you love to feel this sense of well-being every day through the year? But once...
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