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Welcome to Health & Happiness, a web magazine that makes you happy! We know how it is important today to prevent diseases and to be aware of key information to keep control on the most important parts of our life. This site is dedicated to your health and your well-being. You will find many resources to support your self-development. We invite you to discover the sections of the website: Health, Happiness, Lifestyle and our collection of free bestseller eBooks and beautiful slideshows. Find online resources how to be happy in life & how to find happiness!


Health TreatmentsTreatment with a Kinesiologist: Who, Why and How?

Kinesiology, physical therapy, applied kinesiology – each has a common prefix, but how much differ [ ... ]

Alternative MedicineOrthotherapy to Relieve Muscle and Joint Pain

Less known in the range of manual holistic techniques, orthotherapy relieves muscle and joint pain f [ ... ]

Natural RemediesHerbal remedies and medicinal plants

Herbs are directly related to the quality of land, air, water and heat control on earth. How can we  [ ... ]


Success FactorsEnjoy an Unlimited Growth!

Success and self-realization do not happen by chance. Repeated failures and inaction also do not occ [ ... ]

Happy Life SecretsHow to Finally Let Go?

Many believe that letting go is simply a thing to remain calm, to be Zen. But letting go is so much  [ ... ]

Human RelationsEliminate Conflicts and Improve Relationships with Nonviolent Communication

Too often, with colleagues at work, or with family members, simple dialogue turns into conflict. How [ ... ]


Travel Destinations, Ideas & TourismTake a Break from Work: One-Year Sabbatical to Travel

Do you secretly thought of what you think is a great project: a long journey? A gap year is just for [ ... ]

Travel Destinations, Ideas & TourismTourism: Holiday in a Jungle Wilderness Lodge

Not so long ago, jungle tours were reserved for adventure professionals such as biologists, anthropo [ ... ]

Family & ParenthoodGift Ideas for Mother's Day

When Mother's Day arrives, here are some gift ideas to delight your mom. A treatment at Spa If you [ ... ]


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