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Welcome to Health & Happiness, a web magazine that makes you happy! We know how it is important today to prevent diseases and to be aware of key information to keep control on the most important parts of our life. This site is dedicated to your health and your well-being. You will find many resources to support your self-development. We invite you to discover the sections of the website: Health, Happiness, Lifestyle and our collection of free bestseller eBooks and beautiful slideshows. Find online resources how to be happy in life & how to find happiness!


Health TreatmentsHypnotherapy: Unexpected Results!

The applications of hypnosis are numerous. Surgeons, anesthesiologists, dentists and psychologists u [ ... ]

Health TreatmentsTreatment with a Kinesiologist: Who, Why and How?

Kinesiology, physical therapy, applied kinesiology – each has a common prefix, but how much differ [ ... ]

Natural RemediesGrandmother’s Remedies that Work

We often smile on remedies by grandma, sometimes with condescension. Yet increasingly, they come bac [ ... ]


Happy Life SecretsLess guilt, more happiness

The myth of perfection was resurfaced when in this quest for perfection it was difficult to clearly  [ ... ]

Happiness TipsHow to cultivate happiness?

As we approach this subject since the dawn of time happiness seems to be the quest of humanity. Epic [ ... ]

Psychology & HealthMaking Emotion and Anger Allies

Haven’t we all dealt with a flushed face, a clenched jaw and piercing eyes, ready to pounce on any [ ... ]


Efficiency & Time Management8 Tips to Organize your Life and your Work

Are you tired of seeing all this mess that clutters your environment and feel that you can no longer [ ... ]

Efficiency & Time ManagementIncrease Your Bottom Line While Increasing Your Free Time

Does the title above seem unrealistic? If you believe that increasing your results and your free tim [ ... ]

Travel Destinations, Ideas & TourismVermont in Winter: Hostels and Other Places to Discover

Vermont, a lovely winter destination. Its green mountains, now white like the Savoy, the majestic La [ ... ]


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