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Welcome to Health & Happiness, a web magazine that makes you happy! We know how it is important today to prevent diseases and to be aware of key information to keep control on the most important parts of our life. This site is dedicated to your health and your well-being. You will find many resources to support your self-development. We invite you to discover the sections of the website: Health, Happiness, Lifestyle and our collection of free bestseller eBooks and beautiful slideshows. Find online resources how to be happy in life & how to find happiness!


Health TipsSecrets of Dr. Andrew Weil to Live in Full Health

Since time immemorial, the human have been dreaming of immortality. Unfortunately, the cycle of natu [ ... ]

Health & Diseases InformationIs your vision going? How to identify bad eyesight

Some 20 million Brits are risking avoidable sight loss because they do not take regular eye tests, a [ ... ]

Cardiovascular, Cholesterol and Heart Health12 tips for a healthy heart!

Keep your heart in top shape with these 12 healthy ideas! 1. To protect against heart disease, incr [ ... ]


Happiness Tips7 Tips for Happy Living

1. Give meaning to your life! Who are you? Why do you do what you do every day? Each of us lives in [ ... ]

Self-development & ActualizationThe Awakening of Self through Vedic Palmistry

We can change our destiny. Rather than predicting a predetermined future, Vedic palmistry can help y [ ... ]

Self-development & ActualizationPersonal Growth through the Hakomi Method

Use the Hakomi method to realize the potential in you; it helps you connect with people around you a [ ... ]


Smart Goal SettingSteps to Achieve Your Goals and Your Vision

Overall, the steps to make achievements in all facets of your life are fourfold: 1. Think big. This [ ... ]

Travel Destinations, Ideas & TourismTake a Break from Work: One-Year Sabbatical to Travel

Do you secretly thought of what you think is a great project: a long journey? A gap year is just for [ ... ]

Family & ParenthoodThe art of being a modern grandparent

In the twenty-first century, we must go beyond mere openness. We must embrace diversity and welcome  [ ... ]


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