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Smart Goal Setting

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There exists, in nature, a fundamental law that human beings have a great facility to identify: the law of cause and effect. According to this law, what you get in the future depends largely on ththe decisions and actions you take in the present....
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Strategic planning is not in itself very complicated. And it is useful to an individual person as much as to an organization. The important point is that it saves time, money and avoiding repeating mistakes. I will now show you how to benefit from...
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Overall, the steps to make achievements in all facets of your life are fourfold: 1. Think big. This is the stage of dreams, imagination and visualization. 2. Specify the details of every little action you must do to succeed. This is the stage of...
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Remember that goals are dreams with a timetable. Our goals are fundamental for us to create a vision, a horizon of meaning that enriches our life. A very common attitude among people who are successful is that their success lies in their ability to...
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Success is to love what you do and have a clear idea of what we want to do with our life. Ernie Zelinski Let me tell you a little story full of knowledge. An old collector, one day, found a bed that came from a distant land in the East. He was...
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Write, write, write! Take several sheets of paper and assign at least one sheet for each of the following broad categories. Your Long-Term Goals Write down the primary goals that are most important to you in the long-term. These are the goals...
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Imagine your Future You aren’t as happy now as you potentially could be. What you do today really does need to help you achieve things continually all your life. It also requires you to make sure that what you do today will still be relevant in...
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Action is the main source of learning and results. Without action, your strategic planning is doomed to a more acute failure. Thus, it is not right to just have a plan, healthy ambitions, and to identify your strengths and know what constraints you...
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If we cling way too much to achieve our objectives, we may precisely not know when to stop. Stubbornness is sometimes worse than the status quo! Self-fulfillment and authenticity strike much of the balance between action and letting go. Here are...
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Some people make a habit of abandoning the game when their goal seems within reach. Suddenly, the success of a project opens up prospects less rosy than expected: success in business leads to excessively long hours at work, a plan almost done...
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