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Hobbies and Fun Activities

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Acting Together Frederic Back, director of the famous animation movie The Man Who Planted Trees shares with us his enormous talent. On his website you will find nearly 5,000 of his original work. You can see him marrying his love of nature and the...
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"Me? Draw? No, not really. I have no talent!” You can hear this phrase so often from people. Yet it’s not true. Everyone can learn to draw. You only need to look at the popularity of art classes in recreation centers to confirm this. When...
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No matter what our age, we need to play and have fun in life. Even behind the most serious beings, hides a fun-loving spirit. A persistent myth is: if you're having fun, you cannot be productive. This is not true! When we give ourselves permission...
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A red circle highlights the critical date on the calendar. This year, you are the host of a party during the Holiday Season! While you catch your breath, here is an idea to enlighten you. How about planning a Zen evening away from the stress and...
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At first, just pictures. Then the paper that you like to touch. The hands are busy, they tear and scribble. The imagination overflows and manufactures the page of a scrapbook that is embellished with beautiful collages. This hobby, this momentum of...
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When you go for shopping you make a list of what you need. Do stick to it! You will avoid losing valuable time and indulge in the many invitations that offer these caverns of Ali Baba. Here is the idea of making your first album you tickle. Thousand...
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